October 3, 2004



7717 Jerome Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63143-1103

tel:  (314) 647-9415

e-mail: pcofjoy@yahoo.com 

website: www.paneurhythmy.org 


Dear Student of Light,                                                              


It is a great joy to share the appreciation of the gift of the Paneurhythmy and the teachings of Peter Deunov with you. In April we will mark the second year of incorporation of the not-for-profit organization PANEURHYTHMY: CIRCLE OF JOY. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I invite you to celebrate with us the establishment in the United States of a group which is dedicated to expanding the circle of Paneurhythmy and broadening knowledge and understanding of the teaching of Love, Wisdom and Truth which it represents.


Highlights of our accomplishments during the past 2 years include the production of a CD featuring the words to the Paneurhythmy sung in English; hosting a yearly gathering in June, at the time of the summer solstice; and now--sponsoring a monthly national call, connecting people and groups throughout the United States as we share the experiences and blessings we receive as we participate in this precious tradition!


As 2004 begins, we are near to completing a project involving the publishing of more of the inspiring words of the Master Peter Deunov in English. This and other such projects will be completed as our resources allow.


Knowing the challenges of anchoring this work on the earth, we want to make it clear that Circle of Joy is a group of people intending to be of service, not a “thing” to "join."  We are a service organization which invites and welcomes your partnership, support and participation. We have no official “membership.”


Clearly the Paneurhythmy includes all who embrace Love, Light, Peace and Joy; we are simply doing what we can to let people know about Peter Deunov and the methods he gave for manifesting these virtues. Our purpose is to provide a physical base of support for the fulfillment of the universal vision of fellowship which we experience in the Paneurhythmy. We look forward to sharing the joy and the fruits of our work with you and many, many others. We especially invite you to join us in St. Louis this June (18-21) for the fifth annual National Paneurhythmy Gathering!


Our mission: to enlarge the circle of Paneurhythmy; and to encourage and develop understanding and appreciation of the methods given by Peter Deunov (Bulgaria, 1864-1944, known also by the spiritual name Beinsa Douno).


In the spirit of Love which brings Light which brings Peace which brings Joy!


Phyllis Thorpe, President


PANEURHYTHMY CIRCLE OF JOY is incorporated as a publicly-supported, not-for-profit organization, under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Donations may be written to "Paneurhythmy Circle of Joy" and sent to the St. Louis address.

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