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Music and movement play a large role in Master Beinsa Douno's teaching, as means of attuning oneself to God through the cosmic rhythms of Nature. The Paneurythmy, Sunbeam, and Pentagram movements combine music, movement, and, ideally, a natural setting to join with others in a sacred circle for self-healing and healing the world. Beyond the music for these exercises, Beinsa Douno composed a substantial body of uplifting, transformative music, for voice and instruments.

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Recent Arrivals

Love is a Spring Love is a Spring Conductor and arranger Peter Ganev conducts the Bulgarian National Philharmonic Choir with String Orchestra and a variety of Bulgarian opera singers in a concert of 21 songs by Beinsa Douno and his disciples.  CD - $12. Preview
Call of the Heart The Call of the Heart Conductor and arranger Peter Ganev conducts the Bulgarian National Philharmonic Choir, he "Sofia Soloists" Chamber Orchestra, and a variety of Bulgarian opera singers in a concert of 24 songs by Beinsa Douno and his disciples.  CD - $12. Preview
Paneurhythmy - Sung in English Soprano Sophia Hoffman sings the Vessela Nestorova lyrics (as updated by Barnaby Brown), to the accompaniment of Yoanna Strateva (violin) and Bojidar Simov (guitar). 11/19/21: Revised with combined English & Bulgarian for "Think" and "The Rising Sun". See the Music and Lyrics e-book for a useful addition to this recording. Free MP3 Zip File. CD - $10. Streaming Version
Concert at Rila Concert at Rila Violinist Nadejda Niagolova and guitarist Bozhidar Simov presented unique and beautiful arrangements of 12 Beinsa Douno songs at the 7 Lakes campsite on August 18, 2010.  CD - $12. Preview
Paneurhythmy Sung in Bulgarian Paneurhythmy - Sung in Bulgarian The popular Paneurhythmy arrangement by Georgi Stratev with violinist Yoana Strateva and guitarist Bojidhar Simov, is further enhanced with vocals by Soprano Plamena Girginova. CD - $12. Preview
Cycles of Nature - Homage to Peter Dunoff Svetoslav Kostov has composed three classical guitar suites based on themes from the music of Peter Dunoff (Deunov). The results are a soothing, harmonious musical experience. CD - $15. Preview
The Language of Living Nature The Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra joins with soprano Plamena Girgonova in performing 17 arrangements by Peter Ganev of Beinsa Douno songs. The results are a very polished, shimmering tapestry of strings and vocals. I think you'll be impressed. CD - $12. Preview

Concert - Beinsa Douno 150th Anniversary The Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra joins with 4 standout singers (2 sopranos, 1 baritone, 1 bass) in performing a deeply moving concert with 22 arrangements by Peter Ganev of Beinsa Douno songs. CD - $12. Preview

Beinsa Douno Concert - Joy of the Earth This live concert was performed in the House of Music in Viena, on 6/3/2014, by Ensemble Musica Esoterica. It includes 4 works by Schubert, Bach, Mozart, and Handel, and 13 songs of Beinsa Douno, as arranged by Peter Ganev. The ensemble consists of a string quartet with 3 sopranos, the acclaimed Girginova sisters. CD - $12. Preview


Paneurythmy Audio

Paneurhythmy with String Quintet Peter Ganev arranged the Paneurhythmy music for a string quintet, leading it in this refined performance with 2 violins, viola, cello, and bass. The metering is at the traditional "Andante" tempo. This classical arrangement provides a smooth, sweet and light quality that lends itself well to dancing. $12 CD Preview

Paneurhythmy Live at Rila, 2003 - Every August, followers of Beinsa Douno from around the world camp in the Seven Lakes region of the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria, to dance Paneurhythmy, sing, hike, and celebrate the wonders of Nature, God, and spiritual fellowship. The high point of the celebration is the August 19 Paneurhythmy gathering on the plateau near the 5th Lake, with many musicians in the center of the circle, surrounded by around one thousand dancers in three circles of pairs. Much of the music has a "down-home" feeling that may make it less than optimal for just listening. But we've found that for dancing outdoors, the music is truly ecstatic. The next best thing to "being there". Check out the legendary extended version of "How Happy We Are", in the preview. $10 CD. Video Version

Paneurythmy with Violin & Guitar, Yoanna Strateva - Violin and Bojidar Simov - Guitar, This mother-son team of virtuosi record a medium tempo duet of Paneurythmy, with a beautiful harmony of violin and guitar. This currently our favorite dancing version in Northern California! $12 CD Preview

Paneurythmy with Voice & Guitar, Ina Doinova and Peter Tzanov - Guitar, This version beautifully combines Ina's vocals for the Bulgarian Paneurythmy lyrics with guitar accompaniment. Ina Doinova, a former professional opera singer with the Leipzig Opera House, is now a music educator in Bulgaria. $12 CD Preview

La Femme Orchestra Performs Beinsa Douno's Pan-Eu-Rhythmy, This arrangement was recorded secretly by an all-female orchestra in February, 1980, in Sofia Bulgaria, before the Iron Curtain fell. It has been digitally enhanced, and is offered on a CD. The sound quality is good, and the tempo is considered by many to be ideal for dancing Paneurythmy. The CD case is beautiful, with a variety of excellent photos and commentary. All the movements are included, including the Paneurythmy, the Sunbeams, and the Pentagram. $12. Preview

Cassette version with movements announced $9.

Dance of the Butterflies, This playful version of Paneurythmy for children, presents the initial movements of Paneurythmy with a story of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. The music of La Femme Orchestra, with narration by Elena Ross. Cassette with instruction sheet, $6. (also see book offerings for The Butterfly Dance)

Paneurhythmy Music Notes and Text - This free PDF contains the Paneurhythmy music and lyrics for singers and instrumentalists, including parts for two violins and piano. Prepared by Todor Papazov with 2nd violin part by Philip Stoitsev. Free PDF

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