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Reminiscences - Talks With The Master

This is a delightful book, filled with wonderful stories that uplift the heart. Written by a devoted disciple, this book gives an insight into how life was around the Master. Throughout the book, one can feel the special connection that Beinsa Douno had with each one of his disciples. In the stories, there is a lesson for each one of us to learn. - Anita Maritz

The Wellspring of Good

If you are thinking about which book to buy, then this is one of the books that you have to own. This book is a wellspring for the soul, giving guidance on a wide variety of subjects. It is a book which can be read many times over, as each time you learn something else. There is a lot of advice in this book, along with many spiritual guidelines. It is a must for all people who wish to follow the teachings of the Master. - Anita Maritz

The Woman - Source of Love and Life

This is a powerful book, for both men and women to read and to apply what is in it. It gives a very clear picture on the role of women and it also addresses the serious issues that women have had to face down the ages. This book has very valuable information on relationships, marriage and raising children. The advice for pregnant women is amazing and while reading it you understand that this is the way it should be. - Anita Maritz

The Way of the Disciple

This book is for the disciple, who follows the teachings of the Master Beinsa Douno. It contains many deep secrets, and spiritual guidance for the disciple. When you read this book, whatever it is that you need for your spiritual growth, will be clear to you. Each time that you read it, you will understand some truth in a way that unlocks the answers that are hidden within you. It is a study book, and a must for serious disciples. - Anita Maritz

The Master Speaks

Often we read to gather information, or to stimulate our minds, and yet the most important reading is for our souls. This is a book that I feel talks directly to our souls. There are many higher truths that our minds may have difficulty in grasping, but our souls can understand and so we learn on a higher level. From the book: Therefore, remember: You are soul, not body! You are a soul conceived at one time by the Divine Spirit, conceived in Love. At the present moment, your soul is already a bud, waiting to blossom into a flower. - Anita Maritz

Gems of Love

This small book is a treasure, containing the most uplifting prayers from the Master. Each day, there are many different prayers to choose from and also many formulas, which are like small powerful prayers. Each person on the spiritual path knows the importance of praying, and this book contains valuable advice in this direction. - Anita Maritz

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